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D1 Wemos Mini ESP8266 Development Board

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  • D1 Mini is mini WiFi board based on ESP8266
  • Compatible with MicroPython, Arduino, nodemcu
  • 11 digital input/output pins, all pins have interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire supported(except D0)
  • 1 analog input (3.3V max input)
  • Built In USB-C Port
  • On board reset button & LED on pin D4(GPIO2)

9,800 Ks

In stock

ESP 8266 D1 mini development board is based on ESP-8266EX chip and is useful for applications that need wireless data transmission. Immerse yourself into the IoT world at minimum cost.

With an ESP8266 the possibilities of different projects is enormous.

Another device to expand your home automation to another level using ESPHome, Tasmota, MicroPython or any programing languages of your choice.

This very small board comes with a Micro-USB interface the board can be powered directly from the USB port, and it works very well with the Arduino IDE.

11 digital IO, interrupt / PWM/ I2C /one-wire supported (except D0)
1 analog input (3.2V max input)
A Micro USB connection
Compatible with MicroPython, Arduino, NodeMCU

  • Chip: ESP-8266EX
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Compatible NodeMCU firmware
  • GPIO pins: 11
  • 1 pin ADC (0 V to 3.3 V)
  • Operating Frequency: 80 / 160 MHz
  • Flash Memory: 4MB

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