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IP5328P Power Bank Module with 5V 9V 12V Step up Fast Quick Charging (5V 3.1A, QC2.0 QC3.0, Dual USB Output, Micro and Type-C Input)

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  • Input: Type C or Micro USB fast charging capable
  • Output: 5V-3.1A, 7V-2.4A, 9V-2.0A, 12V-1.5A | Output Interface: Dual USB PD output and Type C PD
  • Chipset: IP5326P; 4 onboard SMD LED to display battery charge level
  • Output Interface: USBA + USBA + TYPE-C support fast charge output (see protocol specification fast charge)
  • Overcharge protection | Overdischarge protection | Overcurrent protection
  • Size : 64*32*6mm (L*W*H)

10,000 Ks

In stock


Function description:
When IP5328P is connected to the battery for the first time, no matter what the battery voltage is, the chip is in a locked state and the lowest power light will flash .
The second time to prompt; In the non-charging state, if the battery voltage is too low to trigger low power shutdown, IP5328P will also enter the locked state.
In the locked state, in order to reduce the static power consumption, IP5328P does not have the function of inserting detection into the phone, nor can it be activated through the key.
When the button action cannot activate the boost output, but the lowest power light will flash 4 times to prompt.
In the locked state, the function of the chip can only be activated by entering the charging state.

Pressure specifications:
When the battery voltage is less than 3V, 250mA trickle charging is adopted.
When the battery voltage is greater than 3V, it enters the input constant current charging and the battery terminal is charged to the maximum.

When the battery voltage is close to the set battery voltage, it enters the constant voltage charging. When the charging current of the battery end is less than 300mA or so and the battery is charged.
When the pool voltage approaches constant voltage, the charging stops. After charging, if the battery voltage is lower than 4.1v, restart the battery for charging.

IP5328P adopts switching charging technology and switching frequency is 500kHz. Ordinary 5V input charging, the maximum input power 10W.

When charging, the maximum input power is 18W.
IP5328P will automatically adjust the charging current to adapt to different load capacity of the adapter.
IP5328P does not support the same charging and discharging. In the charging state, the output discharge port will be closed to prevent the input high voltage from damaging the charged device.

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