Antistatic Wrist Strap

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  • Prevents Static Electricity Damage
  • Adjustable Semi conductive Elastic Strap
  • Coiled Cord Expands up to Six Feet
  • Crocodile Grounding Clip

3,500 Ks

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  • Simply wrap strap around wrist and clip to a grounded source Prevent Static shock in dry environment Keep static from damaging electronic parts and equipment Adjustable wrist strap with alligator clip tip Inner conducting layer made of stainless shell filaments Durable Polyurethane Coated Coil Cords. High Quality Strain relief. Soft elastic band for comfort. Current limiting resistor 1M ohm 5% Electro-scattering time 0.1sec Rinsing Resisting non-branded, no retail packaging.
  • Anti Static ESD Wrist Strap Discharge Band Grounding Prevent Static Shock.
  • ESD Wired Wrist Strap always be used to prevent electrostatic discharge by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipment or at an electronic assembly facility.
  • Easily adjustable, one size fits all. It is comfortable and is not easily worn out. What’s more, the ESD wrist straps can be tailored to different working environments.
  • Designed with Allergy Resistant Plastics, it does not contain metal sheets to achieve Allergy resistance. 1.8M Extra-long coiled cord makes sure you are able to do the wide range movement.
  • Applicate for for mobile phone, computer and other machine repair and replacement.
  • The working principle of the ESD strap is to release the static of human body to the ground, so you should ensure the wrist touch your skin and connect it to the real ground wire, it can work well and efficiently.

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