Solder Bar Series


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  1. Solder Bar
  2. Tin Lead Solder Bar
  3. Lead Free Solder Bar
  4. Solder Bar 63/37 (Sn63Pb37)
  5. Solder Bar 60/40 (Sn60Pb40)
  6. Solder Bar 55/45 (Sn55Pb45)
  7. Solder Bar 50/50 (Sn50Pb50)
  8. Solder Bar 45/55 (Sn45Pb55)
  9. Solder Bar 40/60 (Sn40Pb60)
  10. Solder Bar 30/70 (Sn30Pb70)
  11. Solder Bar 20/80 (Sn20Pb80)
  12. Solder Bar 10/90 (Sn10Pb90)
  13. Solder Bar 5/95 (Sn5pb95)
  14. Solder Bar SAC305 (Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5)
  15. Solder Bar SAC0307 (Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7)
  16. Solder Bar SAC07 Sn99.3Cu0.7

Solder bar is a form of solder that is cast into a solid & compact bar, that is used for soldering of electronics or joining of metals. Solder bar (also called bar solder) is available into types of composition, depending on whether it contains lead or not, divided into tin lead solder bar and lead free solder bar.

  • Materials: copper, tin
  • Tin- and lead-free
  • Can applied in radio, communication, meters and instruments
  • Residue is easy to remove by hot air after soldering work if necessary
  • Available in many alloy compositions
  • Smooth surface, good fluid melting rate
  • Good mechanical performance, moisture and bright weld spot
  • Forms: bar and wire
  • Flux types: no-clean, rosin and water-soluble liquid
  • Tin solder, welding, lead-free solder bar and wires are also available
  • Very few scraps

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