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Anti-Static Sticky Mat


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  • Static electricity generation when the film is peeled off is prevented because it contains an antistatic agent.
  • Dirty sheets can be peeled off and disposed of.
  • Numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets
  • 30sheets/mat , 10mats/box, 50mats/big carton
  • Easy sheet to sheet removal
  • Non-transferring adhesive
  • Various sizes and colors are available
  • Shelf life :Store in cool environment for 1 years

245,000 Ks

  • 45cm x 60cm
  • 45cm x 90cm
  • 60cm x 90cm
  • 65cm x 115cm
  • Sticky Mats are made by high quality low density polyethylene materials and water-based adhesive.
  • Clean room mats are tacky mats that help trap impurities for locations that require stringent dust and dirt control.
  • Our clean room sticky mats feature a tacky surface which removes dirt and dust from shoe surfaces before they can contaminate a “clean room.”
    Sticky mats can capture and remove the last traces of contamination on shoes or wheels effectively at entrances of regulated or critical areas.Several levels of tackiness are available for use with a variety of shoes and tooties.
  • Disposable sticky mat are used at doorway to remove dirt and dust from footwear before personal enter into the production area. It comes in 30 peelable sheets per mat.
  • It is used in environment where dust and dirt is critical to the operation. Generally used in electronic manufacturing, hospital theatre, cleanroom, bio lab, wafer fab, solar manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing company, laboratories, medical device companies, diamond companies, factories etc.

How to use the sticky mat ?
1. Clean the floor where the mat be pasted to, until it get dry. and Peel off the bottom sheet.
2. Paste the sticky mat on the cleaned floor carefully and tidy the mat with a dry cloth, keep the mat paste smooth.
3. Peel off the top sheet from the lable that be attached in the corner. Then start to use.
4. When the first layer become dirty ,just peel off that sheet from the label,and then use the second layer.

45cm x 60cm, 45cm x 90cm, 60cm x 90cm, 65cm x 115cm

  • 30sheets/mat , 10mats/box, 50mats/big carton

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