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DC 12V to 3.3V,5V and 12V Power Supply module

SKU: EAP-000515

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  • Output power on/off switch
  • Two-row multiple pin outputs, easy to use and connect
  • Red LED illuminates when input DC power is supplied and output is turned ON.
  • Small and Handy Module.
  • Dual-side plate design.
  • Easy to use.

3,000 Ks

In stock

  • 3.3V 5V 12V multi-output voltage conversion module DC-DC 12V to 3.3V 5V power supply module.
  • Accept power adapter supply from 5.5mm/2.1mm plug.
  • Suitable for various application with output current <1A. With on-board On/Off switch.
  • Input: DC 6V – 12V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage 1V or more.)
  • Output: 3.3V (+ – 0.2v error), 5.0V (+ – 0.2v error), 800mA (load current can not exceed 800ma), 12V (input 12V direct output)
  • Double panel design, beautiful layout.
  • Input and output using multiple pin, easy to use and connect.
  • PCB board size: 4.5cm * 4.5cm.
  • With power indicator (red).

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