Electromagnet Module (10N)

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  • 3.3V – 5V Input Voltage
  • 10N Holding Force
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • 3-Pin Power/GND/Signal Breakout
  • Low Power Consumption

20,700 Ks

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Electrical energy can be converted to magnetic energy through Ampere’s law by sending current through a coiled wire. The resulting device, called an electromagnet, uses electricity to create a temporary magnet that is capable of holding a specific amount of weight that can be calculated based on the number of coil windings, length and spacing of the coil, and input electrical current. Electromagnets are used in application ranging from: simple motors, relay switches, loudspeakers and headphones, junk yards, and scientific equipment. The electromagnet presented here is great for contactless control and movement with drones or robotic arms.

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