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  • Solder Wire Parameters: 0.8mm
  • solder wire Tin 63%- Lead 37%
  • solder wire Tin 60%- Lead 40%
  • Flux content 2.0%

2,000 Ks6,700 Ks

  • Sn63Pb37, 50g
  • Sn60Pb40, 0.8mm, 10g
  • Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 50g
  • Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 30g
  • Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 20g
  • Main Uses: wiring and connecting precision electronic equipment. The welding point surface is very bright because it contains silver and convictions.
  • Lead Free Soldering: Reduces risk to improve your work environment by inhaling drops containing harmful lead during welding. The product has little smoke and no bad smell due to welding, so you can use it with confidence. Bright welding points.
  • Fast Melting – Welds are smooth and stable. It has excellent solubility. It melts at low temperatures and is ready to weld. The welding board is clean, residue-free, fast welding speed.
  • Note: Lead-free solder with high melting point may cause damage to the chip using traditional solder.
  • (Wide Range of Use) Consumer appliances repair, fluid welding, manual arc welding, SMT welding, DIY/electronics/circuit board wiring, and this product can satisfy the speed of welding.

Sn63Pb37, 50g, Sn60Pb40, 0.8mm, 10g, Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 50g, Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 30g, Sn63Pb37, 0.8mm, 20g

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