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UPS Module (5V,1A)

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  • Input: above 5V1A
  • Output: 5V1A (max)
  • Battery: polymer lithium battery, 18650 lithium battery. (The recommended capacity is below 10000ma)
  • Input terminal: reverse connection protection, input overvoltage protection, automatically cut off the input power when the input exceeds 6V and switch to battery power supply mode.
  • Battery terminal: Reverse connection protection Short circuit protection Reverse connection will not be damaged during charging. When the external power input exceeds 20v, the protection unit will be broken down.
  • Output terminal: It can only supply ordinary loads, and cannot be connected to other power adapters, and it will burn if connected reversely. The output is short-circuited and it will not sleep when the load is small.
  • Size: 33*17mm

3,000 Ks

In stock

  • Input mode: IN+input+, IN-input-
  • Output mode: OUT+output+, OUT-output-
  • Battery: B+ connects to battery+, B- connects to battery –
Indicator light (need to be added by yourself): R+ is the working state of the external power supply, G+ is the battery capacity indicator. The battery capacity is displayed by the frequency of flashing. The faster the flashing, the more sufficient the battery capacity, and it will automatically turn off when it is empty or not charged.
Jumper (J1) description: Used to set the power of the external power supply. The default is below 1A. When the jumper is short-circuited, the output power of the external power supply must reach 5v 2A. The jumper is to switch 0.5A/1A current and supply the load first , The remaining current is transferred to the battery for charging.
The circuit board heats up when charging, so the circuit board needs to keep a distance from the battery when assembling. Secondly, the battery is optimistic about the polarity. Please do not connect it in reverse to avoid damage to the management chip. When the circuit is working while charging, there is no short circuit protection. So as not to damage the device.
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