VS1838/HX1838 IR Receiver Module

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  • IR Remote Control Receiver
  • Built-in Filter at 38KHz
  • Wide operating voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5VDC
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Simple interface to use it

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The IR Receiver Module is a compact and versatile electronic component designed to receive infrared (IR) signals from remote controls and other IR transmitting devices, enabling devices to communicate through IR signals. Equipped with a PIN photodiode and preamplifier IC, the VS1838 IR Receiver Module detects infrared signals at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm. It features a wide 45° detection angle and operates at a carrier frequency of 38KHz, providing a digital output when an IR signal is detected.

The module is compatible with 3.3V and 5V power supplies, making it suitable for various applications. In infrared communication systems, when an infrared signal is transmitted from a remote control or another IR device, the module detects the IR pulses and converts them into electrical signals. Microcontrollers or other electronic circuits can then process these electrical signals to trigger specific actions or commands.

Simple to use, the module requires only ground and Vcc connections. Its output pin is normally HIGH, but upon receiving an IR signal, it pulses LOW, and the onboard LED flashes to indicate signal reception. The IR Receiver Module boasts high sensitivity, ensuring adequate reception of IR signals even from a distance. Its wide frequency range enables it to work with different IR protocols, making it a versatile choice for various IR communication applications.

Feature : 

  • Designed to receive infrared (IR) signals from remote controls and other IR-transmitting devices
  • Equipped with a PIN photodiode and preamplifier IC
  • Detects infrared signals with a nominal wavelength of 850 nm
  • Wide 45° detection angle
  • Operates at a carrier frequency of 38KHz
  • Provides a digital output when an IR signal is detected
  • Compatible with both 3.3V and 5V power supplies
  • Plays a crucial role in infrared communication systems
  • High sensitivity for effective reception of IR signals
  • Simple to use with the only ground and Vcc connections required
  • The output pin is normally HIGH and pulses LOW upon receiving an IR signal
  • Onboard LED indicator for signal reception
  • Suitable for various IR communication applications
  • Works with different IR protocols
  • Reliable and responsive performance even from a distance.

Application :

  • Remote Control Systems
  • Automatic Doors​
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