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QA-1 (2UEW) Enameled Coated Wire


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  • Model:QA-1/155 (2-UEW)
  • Product Name : Enameled Copper Wire
  • Insulation : Polyurethane
  • Copper wire diameter : 0.2mm
  • Copper wire weight : 100g

11,500 Ks

  • 0.2mm, 100g

Qa-1 is equivalent to 2uew, and its insulating layer is polyurethane, which has good direct weldability at 360 ~ 400.
Main Features: It has good direct welding performance, can avoid peeling the film during the wrapping process, and effectively improve the working efficiency; The tangent dielectric loss angle is small, and has a good “Q” value at high frequency characteristics; No pinhole in stretching and bending, suitable for high-speed winding; It has good solvent resistance characteristics for solvents and hardeners used in general containing water.
Application: Widely used in high frequency transformer, inductance coil, relay, motor, winding coil electrical instrument with long-term operating temperature below 155.
Common sense: the diameter specified in the specifications of the enameled wire refers to the diameter of the bare copper wire, apart from the thickness of the paint insulator. The diameter of the enameled wire measured with a gauge is the outer diameter, including the thickness of the paint insulation, and the measured size is usually larger than the size of the specification standard.
The product in this link is a copper wire, and the coil is included. There are different colors and sizes of coils. Please know that the copper wires of 1.3mm and above specifications are relatively thick and cannot be straightened after being wound.
UEW is the representation of standard Japanese. Both Taiwan and South Korea are represented by UEW. QA is the representation of national norms and international standards. The difference between them is that the range of UEW OD is relatively loose, and the others are basically the same. Note: 2uew = qa-1 1uew = Qa-2
Q in qa-1 is the serial code, the first pinyin letter of paint.
A is polyurethane

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0.2mm, 100g

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